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SoverSky M8 Chopper Scooter

SoverSky M8 Chopper Scooter

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The 60V 40Ah high-density lithium battery provides 70 miles of city range or combined stop-and-go range. All the above data are tested by optimized condition. It depends on rider's weight and terrain. The 5A Aluminum fast charger only need 4-5 hours to get the battery full.

4000W Brushless DC Geared QS motor can produce 100% of its rated torque instantly. It's the reason for SoverSky Chopper's incredible acceleration. 165 NM max motor torque, effortlessly propelling the electric chopper to a top speed of 45 mph.

With 60V 55A integrated controller, possess a good level of stability in power supply control and high current output capability making the 3 speed up and down very smooth beside the it also has an electric cut-off function by kickstand to make sure accidents caused by power on situation.

The hydraulic shock Fork and spring steel shock suspension are fully adjustable. Thanks to lower foot position and higher handlebar height, riders will enjoy a more upright and relaxed riding position on the SoverSky electric scooter. Besides the 12 inch tubeless fat tire decrease the risk of puncture and brake distance.

Integrate the speedometer, mileage, voltage, power level together, you can control your scooter all the time, no worry for the low power any more. We also can diagnose faults by code which show in the display screen, make it easier for fix.

Motor: 400W brushless Rear Hub 165NM max motor torque

Battery: 60V / 40Ah Lithium-ion Removable

Controller: 60V / 55A integrated controller

Charger: 5A Fast Aluminum Charger

Max-Speed: 45 MPH ( optimized terrain )

Max-Range: 70 miles ( optimized conditions )

Max-Load: 440 lbs.

Charge Time: 4-6 hours

Tire Size: 215/40-17 vacuum tubeless

Tire Pressure: Front: 250 kPa  Rear: 250 kPa

Brake: Hydraulic brake

Suspension: Hydraulic shock fork + Rear spring Shock

Wheel Material: Aluminum

Frame Material: Seamless steel pipe

Light: 60V headlight, Turning / Brake light

Throttle Twist: Three Speed gear throttle in the default

Kickstand: Electric cut off when putting the kickstand down

LCD Display: Speedometer, Mileage, Power, Voltage

Phone Holder with USB port: Yes

Bluetooth Speaker: optional

Saddle Bag: Optional

Rear Basket: No


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